Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prove our Love...Protect our children

Children are the most precious gift from God to not only parents but also society as a whole. They brighten our life and bring hopes to our society. They are indispensable and irreplaceable. It is so sad that the world we live in is no longer safe for our children.

The brutal killing of innocent children in the past such as Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and the recent case of a missing girl Sharlinie Mohd Nashar had touched the social conscience of all Malaysians.
It is high time for the entire nation -- law enforcement agencies, voluntary organizations, parents and the public at large -- to work with one mind to address the issue of safety for children. Every Malaysian must be committed to the greater protection of children and provide better care for them.

As charity begins at home, parents must exercise greater responsibility for the safety of their children. Parents must exercise their role as first line protector to their children.

1) Parents need to keep a closer watch on their children, irrespective of where they are, especially when they are outside their homes, at playgrounds or elsewhere.
2) Parents should also embark on continuous efforts to teach and educate their young children to be vigilant, not to befriend strangers, and be assertive and streetwise.
3) They must teach their children safe and proper behavior and how to deal with the many real dangers in the environment around them.

At any times,

1) Parents must shed kampong mentality hoping that there will always be people around that may be aware, keep an eye or concern if something happened to their children.

2) Parents must realize that this world that their children live in is not as safe as 20, 30 years ago when they grow up.

3) Parents must also realize that due to their playful nature, elder children can never be capable to provide adequate parental supervision to their younger siblings.

4) Therefore parents must not empower their elder child to supervise his/her younger siblings.
Schools should also play an important role to teach children to be safety conscious.
In this connection, it may be timely for the Education Ministry to introduce and implement a special child-safety programme where students can be given additional knowledge about their personal safety and be taught how to make themselves safe from predators.

Sharlinie Mohd Nashar Missing in Taman Medan area

Another girl missing after Nurin Jazlin Jazimin case.

Sharlinie is missing…

If you see her please contact police

A nationwide search is on for Sharlinie Mohd Nasyar who was abducted near her home on Wednesday. This time the victim is five-year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar who disappeared while playing about 200m from her house in Taman Dato Harun on Wednesday.

Have you seen this man?

This is the photofit of the possible molester which connected to the case.
Those with information on Sharlinie’s whereabouts could contact her father
Mohd Nashar Mat Hussain at 016-258 3450 / 016-270 9096
or Police at 03-7966 2222
or Rakan Cop at 03-2115 9999

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Call for Truthful Malaysians

The success of Malaysia today is largely enabled by its domestic stability of its multi ethnic population which stems from an honest understanding of the social contract established during the early formation of Malaya. Nevertheless, recently there are elements in the society that are trying to disrupt the harmony with false claims and accusations and subsequently ridiculous demands. This is done for their own interest only and with total disregard of potential catastrophic consequences. Even though majority of Malaysians are strongly against such acts, they are known to keep their silence over such issues, leaving to the Malaysia government only to address the situation. This site serves as an avenue for Truthful Malaysians to voice their concerns and thoughts in an effort to preserve harmony in Malaysia's multi ethnic environment. This site promotes intellectual discussion based on facts not emotion and denounces bigotry acts. Hence this site calls all Truthful Malaysians to serve their duty to the nation to denounces irresponsible acts and preserve the unity. The harmony in Malaysia is our rights and it is our duty as True Malaysian Citizens to defend it.